Looking for something different to do this Long-Weekend??

By Emily Foster on Sep 28 2016

Why not try the 3rd Annual Gold Coast Renaissance Faire. Live the dream at the Gold Coast Renaissance Faire!  In a beautiful park setting, join over 50 costumed performers as they entertain and delight you all day long.

Live the dream at the Gold Coast Renaissance Faire!  In a beautiful park setting, join over 50 costumed performers as they entertain and delight you all day long.  Return to the Golden Age of pirates, Musketeers, swashbuckling adventure and romance!  Enter the world of Game of Thrones, Reign, The Tudors and Da Vinci.


The Gold Coast Renaissance Faire is a lively re-creation of a 16th century Elizabethan country fair, with period entertainment, costumes, arts, games and food. The fairs of the times were festive occasions where all members of society came for business and pleasure – country and townsfolk, merchants, buccaneers, traveling entertainers, and royalty.

Continuous entertainment on the Faire’s three stages includes short plays, dance and music of the period.  Costumed performers mingle with the visitors, addressing them in the manner of the Renaissance period, personalizing the visitors’ experience of the Faire.  Royal procession parades through the Faire grounds three times a day, inviting visitors to join in with song and cheers. 

In special arenas, brave Musketeers thrill you with their flashing swords.  The archery tournament challenges visitors to win a Queen's prize.  Artisan stalls display fine handicrafts of the period.  Food booths will offer tasty savories, sweets and trifles.

For children, a trip to the Faire is like stepping into a fairy tale picture book. There is no better way to learn history.  Most importantly, the Faire will place children in a non-electronic, non-amplified creative environment which stimulates imagination and learning.

Don a costume and enter the cosplay!

The Gold Coast Renaissance Faire is a living theatre that invites visitors to step back in time and join the fun and pageantry.

In recent years public interest in European history has grown due to the popularity of films and television series like the Hunger Games.  Whereas the characters in the Game of Thrones such as Cersie and Arya fighting for the Iron Throne in the realm of Westeros exist in a fantasy medieval world, the Faire is set in the Renaissance, the era of high arts and culture. 


  • suppression of knowledge, arts and cultural development


  • flowering of the arts – dance, music, literature, painting and crafts
  • beginnings of modern science
  • commerce and international trade

The European Renaissance was a period of intense intellectual and economic changes. Artistic, social, scientific and political thought turned in new and exciting directions. This period marked the birth of the contemporary commerce and urban lifestyle. It was a period of liberation, curiosity, discovery and enjoyment of life. The invention of the printing press expanded public awareness and education. Emerging global travel and commerce brought new ideas and knowledge from around the globe, and stimulated inventiveness and creativity. This was also the time of Shakespeare, whose works form the cornerstone of today's literature, theatre and film arts. The Renaissance period was the foundation of contemporary focus on pursuit of knowledge and individual freedom.

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